Tiny Tots- A 30 min class for 2-3 yr olds who want to begin a dance journey. Through music and instruction of their teachers, they will work on such things as ballet positions, Grande Jete’s, tends, taking turns, listening to teachers, and so much more. This is not a mom and me class.

Dance and Tumble- A 45 minute class for our 3-5 yr olds that build on the skills learned in tiny tots. this class will also include 15 min of an acrobat introduction. (Bear walks, crab walks, cobra pose, table tops, ext)

TBA- this is a one hour class for our 4-6 yr olds broken down into 3 different sections. they will continue to build on the ballet skills learned in D&T, but also expand their acrobat skills as well as begin tap skills


BALLET I- ages 7 & up - This class introduces body placement and corrects body alignment. Ballet positions and movements are stressed in this class.

BALLET II- ages 9 & up -This class is designed for the student who has had at least 2 years of ballet.

BALLET INTERMEDIATE- ages 10 & up-This class is designed for the student who is serious about ballet and ready to advance to more complicated steps and techniques of classical ballet.

BALLET WORKSHOP- (by placement) This class is for the advanced student who is serious about ballet. Pointe work is introduced at this level. TWO technique classes a week are required.

BALLET/TEEN- ages 12 & up-This class is for the student who has had at least (1) year of ballet of jazz.

BALLET TECHNIQUE- This class is designed for students who would like to enhance and strengthen techniques learned in traditional ballet classes.

Équipe de Danse- our elite group of competition dancers. They are a dedicated group who have a real passion for dance and performance. Winning top awards, such as ELITE TOP GROUPS (2012), DANCER OF THE YEAR (2015), TOP OVERALL PETITE (2008, 2010,2012, 2014), AND TEEN (2012 ,2014 ,2015) This group is held to a higher standard.  Our Competition Dance Team are created for dancers who “live, eat, drink, and breathe” dance; who regard dance as their most important extra-curricular activity.

Dance team members are selected by teachers. Teachers will select students from class and "invite" them to become a member. If you are interested to learn more, please see your child's dance teacher. If you are a dancer ages 5-18, who is heavily involved in sports or cheer-leading (and/or many other activities) then our competition teams would not be right for you. It would be better for you to be in a regular dance class where you could enjoy performing without the commitment that a performance team requires.

Other classes we offer include: Acrobatics, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Boys Hip Hop/Breakdancing, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap & more!