The entire staff at The Dance Step loves what we do and we hope it shows! We have some simple rules & regulations that we need all student and parents to follow in order to have a successful year.

1. All students must abide by the dress code.

GIRLS DRESS CODE: Black leotards, dance shorts or skirt, hair pulled back out of their faces and proper dance shoes. 

GIRLS BALLET DRESS CODE: Buns and pink tights with proper dance shoes.

BOYS DRESS CODE: Loose fitting clothing and proper shoes. Long hair must be pulled back.

2. Tuition is due every 4 weeks. a $10 late fee will be charged and $5 per month there after. If tuition is outstanding for more than 3 months your child will be suspended from ANY dance class (group, private and competition included). Tuition can be dropped in the box in Parent Room A. The box is emptied nightly.

3. Due to our liberal make-up policy, there are No refunds, adjustments or prorating of tuition due to missed classes. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to make up missed classes in an age-appropriate, comparable class.

4. Parents are welcome to leave the studio during classes, as long as the child can use the restroom by themselves. Please remember the teachers are not responsible for children when they are not actively participating in the class they are registered for. If you are late for pickup, there will be a babysitting fee enforced of $15 for the first 5 minutes and $1 per minute thereafter, added to tuition. We understand emergencies happen, but please be courteous to the teachers and their time.

5. Any student felt to be disruptive, disrespectful or found to be mistreating any other student(s), will be asked to leave the class without refund or a make-up class. This includes, but is not limited to following: criticizing, making fun of others, correcting other dancers, crying, complaining or whining, leaving class without permission, disruptive behavior, repeated tardiness/absenses. This type of behavior will NOT be tolerated.

Any questions or concerns, please address them with your child's teacher. Thank you!


August 21, 2017- Classes begin! Tuition Due!

September 4th- Labor Day! No Classes.

September 15th- Tuition Due!

October 15th- Tuition Due!

November 15th- Tuition Due!

November 22-25th- Thanksgiving Break Begins! No Classes.

December 15th- Tuition Due!

December 21- Christmas Break Begins! No Classes.


January 8th- Classes Resume

January 15th- Tuition Due!

February 15th- Tuition Due!

March 15th- Tuition Due!

March 30th- Spring Break Begins! No Classes.

April 9th- Classes Resume

April 15th- Tuition Due!

May 15th-​ Tuition Due!

June 8th- ​Last week of classes